All-Russian Research Institute of the dairy industry

115093, Russia, Moscow, Lyusinovskaya Street 35 Building 7

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+10 (499) 2363164; +10 (499) 2363165



About company

VNIMI, organized in 1929, is the leading branch scientific organization that combines fundamental and applied work in the field of production and processing of dairy products. The practical results of the work are implemented in the appropriate technologies for the production of general and special-purpose products, in the development of methodological and normative-technical documentation. The main areas of fundamental and applied work: • creation of a national system for quality and safety management of dairy products based on the principles of traceability, including distributed network and robotic technologies; • application of DNA technologies in the framework of labeling, control and genetic identification of products; • genotyping of national starter cultures; • development of a posteriori and a priori analysis of the processes of initiation and accumulation of potentially dangerous compounds; • improvement of the methodological base for product quality research; • development of new highly environmentally friendly innovative technologies; • obtaining new data on abiogenic and biogenic processes of degradation of biological systems; • development of principles for increasing storage stability; • interdisciplinary research, etc. VNIMI presents a development for the implementation and implementation of digital marking of dairy products at dairy enterprises. The implementation of the project makes it possible to fully automate the lines for the packaging of dairy and food products of various form factors in all packing areas. The proposed solutions for the automation of the digital marking process are highly reliable and allow modernizing the lines for packaging dairy products without reducing their packaging speed due to the use of high-precision electronic components.