125212, Russia, Moscow, Kronstadt Boulevard, house 7, building 4, room V, office 43

Telephone number

+7 (495) 7811526; +7 (495) 5188761



About company

AgroBioTechnology LLC is a Russian biotechnological company that produces biological plant protection products for the protection of vegetable, grain, industrial and fruit crops. Mushroom biofungicide Sternifag, SP for accelerated decomposition and disinfection of plant residues in the soil, and bacterial preparations Vitaplan, SP and Alirin-B, Zh for the suppression of root rot, leaf and spike infections. More than 70% of Russian greenhouse plants, as well as more than 200,000 households throughout Russia, use our products to grow environmentally friendly products


Sternifag, Vitaplan, Trichocin, Alirin-B, Gamair, Gliocladin