AL.MA. Srl Packing and Packaging Machinery

22071, Italy, Cadorado (CO), Via G. Rossini, 3

Telephone number

+39 (031) 904491



About company

ALMA is known as the bespoke tailor of Thermoforming and Blister Packing Machines. ALMA focuses on the manufacture of strictly made-to-order Thermoforming and Blister Packaging Machines. Each of our products is customized and equipped with the components actually required by the customer’s specific needs: this approach allows us to optimize packaging efficiency on each single product, at the same time minimizing waste on used materials. ALMA’s packaging machines are the result of an ongoing research process, always aiming at significant increase in flexibility, versatility and cost-effectiveness. Each machine we deliver to one of our customers has been designed with their specific needs in mind, both from a performance and from a functional standpoint –in the Food, Medical, or Industrial sector – whether it uses Thermoforming or Blister Packing technology!


AL.MA. Srl Packing and Packaging Machinery