SERP Group - Smart engineering of robotics productions

199106, Russia, St. Petersburg, 24th line of Vasilievsky island 3-7

Telephone number

+7 (812) 6434342; +7 (499) 2882397



About company

Russian Group of companies with main competences focused on technology transfer, adoption of breakthrough technologies, reverse engineering and supply of hi-tech equippment. Our solutions are based on our own R&D developments as well as international experience and cutting edge technologies of market leaders. SERP is an official distributor of: 1.Schleuniger. 2.Winton machine. 3.OMA Braiding. 4.Vidir Solutions. 5.LaserWireSolutions. 6.F.U.R. Wickeltechnologie. 7.DiIt. 8.Adaptronic Prüftechnik. 9.Holding "Informtest". 10.Control Laser Corporation. 11.ASD. 12.BÖWE-Elektrik. 13.Cirris Systems. 14.StoneShield – Engineering. 15.ABB. 16.Kawasaki. 17.MIR. 18.Kuka. 19.RWTH Aachen University. 20.Sanwood 21.Shining3D 22.TPM3D 23.GooFoo3d 24.Meltio3D 25.Addilan. 26.InssTek. 27.Orbita.


Schleuniger Group