140011, Russia, Lubertsy, Jubileynaya str. 26, office 016

Telephone number

+7 (495) 2887204; +7 (495) 9257710



+7 (495) 228-72-04

About company

Eurointech company is an engineering company-supplier of equipment for electronic industry. More than 10 years we successfully cooperate with manufactures in such industrial branches as aerospace, medical, automotive, special machines and etc. We supplied more than 1500 machines for different applications like sensors, amplifiers, piezo elements, MEMS/MOEMS, laser diodes and laser bars, high-frequency elements, LED, photodiodes and many other electronic components and devices. Every day we work hard expending our experience and external ties. Our main rule is to offer only the best equipment from leading manufactures from all over the world.