Applied radiophysics

142432, Russia, Chernogolovka, Moscow region, 1, Severniy proezd

Telephone number

+7 (496) 5242633



About company

For more than 15 years "Applied radiophysics" LLC has been developing and producing unique high-technological perimeter security systems of the "ВОРОН™" series based on original fiber-optic and a state-of-art artificial intelligence solutions. In 2011 "Applied radiophysics" LLC won "ZUBR" National prise for creating perimeter security systems of the "ВОРОН™" series. The "ВОРОН™" perimeter security systems allow to create multi-level and multi-zone security complexes for protecting various objects and borders using distributed fiber-optic sensors placed on any welded or wire fence as well as underground. Our new products demonstrate new integrated subsystems of intra-object fiber-optic communication and a video monitoring system with IR PTZ cameras.