Automatic Die Cutting Press SBL

Basic characteristics:

  • Automatic cascade feeder with Non-Stop system
  • Devices for synchronization and deceleration of the sheet when approaching the front stops
  • Double sheet sensors, at the front and side stops, sensors for monitoring sheet passage through all
  • Mechanical or pneumatic clamping of a die and a die-cut plate, depending on the modification
  • Pulling and pushing type sheet alignment device on both sides
  • Die-cutting pressure regulation mechanical or from the touch panel with control of the working press
  • Rotary touch panel computer control of the machine with a self-diagnosis system
  • Devices for a wide range of material thicknesses from thin paper to corrugated board type B
  • System for fast fixation and centering of tools for cutting sections, flash removal
  • High pile delivery with Non-Stop system
Exhibitor name:
Nissa PrintPack