Ivan I.Sprygin Zhiguli State Nature Biosphere Reserve

445362, Russia, Zhigulyovsk, Samara Oblast,Zhigulyovsk city district,Bakhilova Polyana Village,Zhigulevskaya Str.,house 1

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+7 (84862) 37838; +7 (84862) 37843





About company

The Zhiguli Reserve is located in the middle flow of the Volga,where the river forms a bend-Samarskaya Luka.The territory includes the Zhigulimountains descending to the Volga and cutted by ravines network and Seredysh Island. The total area of the reserve is 23.1 thousand hectares. Thanks to the geographic location and peculiarities of geological history and diversity of microclimatic conditions, in the Zhiguli nature communities and representatives of taiga zone, Mediterranean and semidesertsare preserved. The most unique communities of the reserve are relict mountain pine forests and stony steppes on limestones of the Zhiguli slopes, plant communities of the Volga floodplain and ecosystems of galleries.