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About company

Tours to places of power in the Aginsky Buryat district "Aga sacred". Visiting sacred places with a guide, where there are stones that help you to find the other half, a career stone gives success and advancement on the career ladder, a stone that deceives death, a house stone will help you find a house or sell a house. Excursion to the Buddhist monastery, Aginsky datsan. Tour "where the great yogi of the World , teacher of Numnenei". A yogi with maha-siddhi consecrated the holy Alkhanai, so today Alkhanai is a world Buddhist shrine. Duroo shuluun is a stirrup stone, consecrated and helps people with mental illnesses, adults and children, helps drug addicts. The source helps from female infertility, male diseases, problems in the gastrointestinal system, pancreatitis and chronic angina. In Tsugol Datsan, where the teacher studied and later served, we visit the place bequeathed by the teacher, which helps people with cancer.