Gorodskoy Okrug Semyonovskiy

606650, Russia, Semenov, 1st May street, 1

Telephone number

+8831 (62) 52006





About company

Semenov is the recognized capital of the magical Khokhloma, the painted matryoshka doll and the center of the Russian Old Believers. Semenov-the city of five squares — a real open-air museum! Architecture lovers will appreciate both the good merchant mansions and the buildings that have survived from the 2nd floor. XIX-early XX centuries: wooden houses cut "into a corner", the windows of which are framed either by modest Old-Believer platbands, or decorated with rich carvings. The products of Khokhloma painting are a special pride and the main wealth of the Semenovsky Region. Khokhloma painting is a unique folk art craft that managed to be carried through difficult times and preserved to this day. Now it is difficult to meet a person who is unfamiliar with the Semyonovskaya firebird, which has flown all over the world. The city annually hosts the International Festival of the NHP "Golden Khokhloma", which gathers guests from all over the World.


Khokhloma, matryoshka