Sea Cucumber Museum

690003, Russia, Vladivostok, Verkhneportovaya st. 66a

Telephone number

+7 (914) 7077672; +7 (914) 7925735



About company

The only one in the world Sea Cucumber Museum.   Vladivostok is the birthplace of this unique organism.Sea Cucumber lived on our planet over 500 million years ago. As is known in Asia, Sea Cucumber is called the elixir of immortality or sea ginseng.  At the museum, professional guides in different languages ​​will tell the guests an interesting tour. Tourists can purchase goods of Russian famous brand “Biotic Luxe” Vladivostok is the seaside city, the sound of the surf, clear sea, the beautiful relief of the coast has always attracted tourists from Asia and other countries of the world We have developed very favorable conditions for cooperation for travel and beauty companies . We are pleased to invite you to visit and talk about our cooperation! Please welcome! We will tell you about the Treasures of Russia!


Biotic Luxe