National Park "Lena Pillars"

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The National Park "Lena Pillars" it's the main and the most recognizable attraction of Yakutia that included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List. Scientists of all around the world have a big interest about this beautiful place. The park is located in the central part of Yakutia on the right bank of the Lena River. The area of ​​the park is 1 217 941 hectare. The National Park "Lena Pillars" is a unique natural complex, which includes not only the eponymous ensemble of rocks, with a length of more than 40 km,also it includes the Buotama River with a calm and easy-going disposition. It’s a great place for family holidays, leisurely rafting and gambling fishing. Also, The national park has Tukulan sand dunes, that means “an open place covered with sand”. It’s unique monuments of the human history. Moreover, there is unique monument of the history of mankind - Diring-Yurakh. It’s rock paintings and fossils from the early Cambrian period, which are one of the oldest in the world.