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About company

We invite you to visit the amazing Taimyr, where you can find recreation and entertainment for every taste. For you, we will organize helicopter tours of the most beautiful waterfalls of the Putorana plateau, fly inside a deep canyon, fly to the settlement of the indigenous people of Taimyr-Nganasan, where you can personally get acquainted with the life of this small and amazing people! If you want, you can spend the night in the yurt, watch shamanic kamlaniye, and in the evening listen to the stories and legends of this community around the campfire! For lovers of active recreation, we can offer fishing for char in the water area of Lake It-Kyuyel', which is surrounded by the mountains of the Putorana plateau. For hunters, tours for reindeer (caribou), spring hunting for goose and tundra wolf are effective. Also in the fall, we start the "musk ox hunting" tour, which is found only on the Taimyr Peninsula and in Greenland.