Fairy Tale Park "Far Away Kingdom»

241024, Russia

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About company

Fairy Tale Park "Far Away Kingdom" Do you want Bright emotions, Colorful photos, the feeling of a Fairy Tale and return to your childhood? Or do you think Where it is interesting to go with a child in Bryansk? Then come to the Fairy-Tale Park "Far Away Kingdom"! This is a small private Fairy Tale Park for children and their parents, where you can believe in Fairy Tales and miracles! Ride on the Hut of Baba Yaga. You will meet with the Snake Gorynych, Vovochka from the Far-Away Kingdom, the Magic Stove, Baba Yaga, see the old Pirate, the Mistress of the copper mountain, Two from the Casket, and many other amazing things. You can make a wish and whisper it in the "magic ear", and it will definitely come true! Throw a coin into the Goldfish fountain! The Park has a huge number of photo zones with fairy-tale characters and many other interesting things. A great place for a weekend walk, not only for children, but also for adults.