Stone Island, The Geographical Park

659900, Russia, Belokurikha, Altai Territory, Belokurikha, st. Soviet 92

Telephone number

+7 (913) 7392105; +7 (913) 9155603



About company

Geographical Park "Stone Island" in the resort town of Belokurikha is a chamber family park for informative and comfortable rest. We have built a stone 3d model of the relict ridge. Real mountains and valleys have been scaled down 1000 times and are made of local granite. Peaks as tall as a person, real streams with fish, endemic plants, flowers, miniature houses the size of a palm. Walking along the stone map, you will learn a lot of interesting things about the history, geology, archeology, esoterics of this wonderful mountainous country "Belokurikha Triangle". We also have a playground, orchard, contact mini-farm with pets, tea room, shooting range. Our park is a place for families. A special part of our park is a nursery of valuable medicinal plants. We preserve and restore the population of endemic relict plants of Altai. We grow and manufacture herbal teas, adaptogens under the AltaiEndemic brand. Details in our store Come visit, it will be interesting!


The Geographical Park "Stone Island"