Resort" Nalchik", JSC

360002, Russia, Nalchik, KBR, Nalchik, Shogentsukov ave., 5 a

Telephone number

+07 (07) 9289160003; +07 (07) 9287113665



About company

The resort "Nalchik" is a balneological and climatic resort of Federal significance. Unique climatic conditions, the presence of a large number of effective natural healing factors put the resort "Nalchik" on a par with the world-famous resort centers of Russia and the world. JSC "Resort" Nalchik "unites 7 subsidiary sanatoriums: "Pear Grove", "Mountain spring", "Druzhba", "Mayak", "Sanatorium named after B. E. Kalmykov", "Terek", which can simultaneously accommodate 2000 people. Every year JSC "Resort" Nalchik " invests considerable funds in the modernization of medical bases, where the basis is the use of water-mud treatment (iodine-bromine, nitrogen-thermal, hydrogen sulfide, etc. water, therapeutic mud of Lake Tambukan), climate therapy, modern methods of diagnosis and rehabilitation treatment.