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About company

LLC "PuranyTour," tour operator. Tours of any complexity on the Putorana plateau. Cognitive, ecological, ethnographic, esoteric tourism. Tracking, snowmobile tours, helicopter excursions and more. We have the best experts in the Putorana plateau. The main area of ​ ​ activity is tours to its own tourist base "Bunisyak," located on Lake Lama in the center of the Putorana plateau. This base is the only place on the Putorana plateau where you can: - provide comfortable accommodation for tourists, - provide cheap delivery from Norilsk, - provide a rich excursion program, - get acquainted with a unique ethnographic museum. Our tours do not require special training and are designed for a wide range of customers. Hundreds of waterfalls, up to 60 meters high, dozens of magnificent canyons, typical Putoran landscapes, all available from our Bunisyak base! You will see what not many have seen!