Yelabuga State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve

423600, Russia, Yelabuga, The Tatarstan Republik, Yelabuga, 9 Gassara Street

Telephone number

+7 (85557) 78668; +7 (85557) 75343



About company

Yelabuga State Museum-Reserve is a tour operator for the reception of tourists in the town of Yelabuga and Yelabuga municipal district and is included in the Federal Register of Tour Operators of Russia. Since October 2013 the Museum Reserve joined the Association of Tour Operators of Russia. (АTOR) Yelabuga State Museum-Reserve is a unique territory with the richest historical and cultural heritage, where the architectural ensemble of the district merchant city of the XIX century has been preserved. The doors of 16 museum and exhibition objects are open for guests. Among them: Town History Museum , House-Museum of I. Shishkin, Museum-Estate of N. Durova, Literary Museum and Memorial House of M. Tsvetaeva, Museum of District Medicine named after V. Bekhterev, Museum "Portomoynya"( Laundry). Yelabuga State Museum-Reserve - carries out the full development of tours and programs for guests in the town.


Yelabuga ("Devil's") settlement, I.Shishkin, M.Tsvetaev, N,Durova,