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India’s centuries-rooted sacred relationship with her environment, of sustenance and nurture, is a vital and living heritage that is the cornerstone of the ITC Hotels ethos and an affirmation of Responsible Luxury: luxury without compromising the earth and sustainability without compromising luxury. Responsible Luxury is the effective combination of luxury and responsible practices (enriching society and the environment) so that the luxury experiences delivered at ITC Hotels do not in any way burden the environment or the society around us. In fact, it is aimed at creating a positive impact on both the community-at-large and the environment. It ensures that sustainable practices are built into our hotels in the design phase itself, thus enabling ITC Hotels to be eco-embedded, services to be eco-easy and our associates to be eco-sensitised; all of this while ensuring you indulge guilt-free. All ITC Hotels are LEED Platinum certified. Welcome to planet positive luxury experiences by ITC Hotels.