Splendid Asia Pvt Ltd

20119, Maldives, Male, G. Kasthoorige, 2nd FL, Alikilegefaanu Magu

Telephone number

+960 () 3312460; +960 () 7241111





About company

Splendid Asia, famous for its highly recognizable success in the tourism industry of Maldives is a bench mark for many rising agents in the travel industry. As a 14 year old travel agency with a global reputation of excellence, among our suppliers & clients, we currently provide complete solution to inbound travelers, with compliance and versatility for leisure, charters & group tours; main focus being European, Russian & CIS, whether the choice of travel facility is a resort, liveaboard or a guesthouse. Celebrated internally and appreciated within our loyal clientele, our valuable and sophisticated online booking system enables much expected mutual convenience, as it is integrated with the most pertinent technology simplifying the handling of booking confirmations, with its conformation to speed and reliability. With the ability to connect via XML (SAMO-Soft) with real-time booking confirmation & availability we are the leading party in the industry for the destination Maldives.